The following is a list of several places where you will find a more ample
selection of the things you will need during your stay. It does not list all the
businesses in Vieques. Note that liquor can be obtained at any mini-market or

Carolyn’s Gift Shop
Trade Winds
Trade Winds Restaurant, Guesthouse and Gift Shop

Shopping in Downtown


    • Carolyn’s Gift Shop– 787 741-0566, Mon – Sat 8 am – 5 pm. Everything you need for the beach and souvenirs. Located on Downtown’s main street close to the bank.


    • El Molino Convenience Store, Mon – Sun 7am – 11 pm. Located on Downtown’s
      main street, next to El Patio Restaurant.


    • Superdescuentos Morales, Supermarket, 787    741-6701, Mon – Sat 7 am – 7 pm. Sun 7 am – 12    n.  Located on Road 200 at Barrio Monte Santo close to the Esso Gas    Stations.


    • Supermercado Morales, Supermarket, 787    741-2251, Mon – Sat 7 am – 5 pm. Sun 7 am – 12 n. Located on Calle    Baldorioty de Castro, close to the bank.


    • Vieques Fruit Market, 787 741-1697, Mon – Sat    8 am – 5 pm. Sun 8 am – 2 pm. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Located on Road    997 at the entrance to Downtown.


Shopping in Esperanza

    • La Tienda Verde, Mini-market, good selection of wines and cheeses, 787 741-8711.    Located just at the entrance to La Esperanza coming from Sun Bay Beach.
    • Trade Winds Gift Shop Known as ‘The Hidden Gem’, Trade Winds Gift Shop is tucked away in the Trade Winds office. While footprint is small, Trade Winds is known to carry the Island’s highest quality and largest collection of unique t-shirts, sundresses and hats. 787 741-8666.


Shopping in the Interior

    • Colmado Mambo, Mini-market and Bar. 787 741-8080. Located on Rd. 997 at
      Barrio Destino. Mon – Sun 7 am – 10:30 pm.


    • La Tiendita JulyMar – Convenience Store – (787)741-2620. Open Mon-Sat 7am-6pm and Sun 7am-12noon. Located on Road 200 Km 0.7 at Barrio Santa María, Vieques.


  • Vieques Farmers Market, Located on the corner of Road 200 and Road 201 at the entrace to Barrio Florida, next to the GE Plant. Only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    • La Placita Reyes: Fruit and vegetable market available only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
    • Lalita’s Garden Tel. (787) 435-6334. Only on Tuesdays.
    • Julia & Pellín’s (Local sweet confections & crafts) Tel. (787) 409-6437. Only on Tuesdays
    • Bayaonda’s Artisan Breads (787) 407-0392. Only on Tuesdays.

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