Vieques restaurants have plenty for all tastes, from the top-end-prize-winning gourmet with ocean views, to the side street food truck and everything in between.



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Restaurant and Guesthouse

This is not a list of all restaurants in Vieques but of eating places owned by my local friends offering local cuisine.

Arenamar Sun Bay Cafe

Arenamar Sun Bay’s Café is owned by my friends Chasti and Erica. Located within the Sun Bay Beach, they offer delivery to your sand spot or you can eat al fresco at their facilities. The best smoothies! 787-239-7771

Bieque's Bistro

Bieke’s Bistro is owned by my cousin Sonia Romero, and winner of international culinary awards, this authentically viequense bar and grill offers clean and classic latin and Caribbean flavors. Located in Downtown main street. (787) 741-6381.

Bili Restaurant

Bili Restaurant owned by my friend Chef Eva Bolivar on the beautiful Malecon in Esperanza. Her Cocina Criolla is a unique mix that will have you wanting to come back. Food with Puerto Rican roots. #144 Flamboyan St., Esperanza, Vieques. 787-741-1382

El Resuelve

El Resuelve is where the locals go for lunch or early dinner. You can find here the local “frituras” (fried stuff) or you can seat for a very varied menu of viequense delights. Located on Road 997 in Barrio Destino. 787 741-1427

Tripaburger Nativo

Tripaburger is a trademark sandwich with a fan club. Created by my friend Geigel Rosa who also offers traditional rice and pigeon peas along with roasted pork and other viequense goodies. Very tasty and affordable. Opens on Friday and Saturday nights. Next to Bar Plaza in Downtown.

Last modified Feb 16, 2016

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