Introduction to Vieques Island


Photo by Caballos de Vieques a non for profit community organization

Why Travel to Vieques

Vieques is not like any other island in the Caribbean. Most of its land is undeveloped due to the presence of the US Navy for over 60 years. The Navy had possession of 2/3 of the total land. As a result most of the beaches are located in undeveloped areas. In 2003 the Navy passed control of most of this land to the Department of the Interior. Today the land is under Fish and Wildlife administration, making Vieques the largest national refuge in the Caribbean.

The beaches at the Refuge are pristine, clear, undeveloped, plentiful, and surrounded by wild vegetation instead of excessive development and commerce. The beaches not in the Refuge are as beautiful although not as well maintained by the local government. Even so, no matter in what Vieques hotel or villa rental you stay, you are never too far from an idyllic beach spot. We have plenty of beaches to pick from.

Vieques Attractions


The Bio Bay

Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. If there is something you must do during your vacation in Isla de Vieques is to visit the bio-bay. Make sure you hire a licensed operator who are trained to protect the bay for our children in the future. Current laws forbid a licensed operator from letting a tourist enter the bio-bay waters. This is so to protect the bay from pesticides, sun blockers and other chemicals tourists use on their skin that are dangerous to the bay. Visit by kayak or electric boat but do not skip this natural wonder. Do not miss a trip to the bio-bay while in Vieques Island.


Vieques Beautiful Beaches

This is the reason you will keep coming back. Vieques Beaches

Water Sports in Vieques

 Scuba, snorkel, fish, kayak, paddleboard There are plenty of operators in Vieques to go around

Sailing in Vieques

Sailing the best way to see Vieques impressive beauty

Vieques Culinary Experience



We have absolutely the wildest list of options in terms of culinary experiences in Vieques. From road side kiosks with local delicacies like “alcapurrias” and “pastelillos”, to high rated gourmet restaurants. All within a very small area. Whatever your budget or your desires might be, you will find it here.

Vieques Museums

If you want to know about Vieques history, visit the museum at the Fort Conde de Mirasol. Check their bookstore too. Visit the Navy section on this site and find out about the viequense struggle to get the Navy out of the island.

Vieques Horses

Last but not least are the ever present Vieques horses. You will see them everywhere and will fall in love with them. They are not wild, all have owners. Enjoy them while they last as there is an ongoing project to get them all off the streets.


Be aware that some beaches are off limits due to the cleaning effort the Navy is now conducting under CERCLA law. It is against the law to set foot on these beaches. These beaches are clearly marked as off limits. Obey the posted signs. The Vieques beaches I list on these pages are accessible and clear, unless stated otherwise. Some websites and tourist maps in Vieques list beaches that are currently contaminated and off limits, as available and open to the public. Other sites have pictures of Culebra beaches as if they were in Vieques. Verify your sources.


Beware of animals on the roads, they could be chicken, dogs, or iguanas, but most often a horse, so be careful when driving around curves or over steep hills.

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