How to Get Here



You can fly to Vieques from the U.S. or the British Virgin Islands. Check the airlines section.


FROM SAN JUAN- more convenient but more expensive


View from plane at Isla Grande Airport

You can take a 25 min flight to Vieques from San Juan International Airport for about $240 round trip. You can also fly to Vieques from San Juan Isla Grande Airport for about $140 round trip. A Taxi to San Juan Isla Grande from the San Juan International airport is about $20. You can save a couple of bucks going this way if there are two or more people traveling. Note: If you search online for a flight from your location directly to Vieques (in services like Expedia and Travelocity), you will pay the highest $$ for the convenience of flying out of San Juan International. Other, cheaper choices are available if you select a flight from your location to SJU (San Juan International) and then book a flight from San Juan Isla Grande or Ceiba as explained below.

FROM FAJARDO OR CEIBA- inexpensive but inconvenient

Vieques ferry

Cargo ferry arriving to Fajardo

You can get to Vieques from the town of Fajardo by boat only. (The Fajardo airport was closed on Nov 24, 2008 and operations were move to the Ceiba airport, about 10 min south of Fajardo.) Fajardo is about 1 hr 15 min drive from San Juan International Airport. The boat costs $4 round trip for a 1 hr 15 min ride. The ferry port is located on Road 195, in sector Puerto Real, Fajardo. A flight from Ceiba to Vieques takes 10 minutes at $36 per person one way.

Note: For detail ferry info visit Vieques Ferry


Fajardo is the town where the lanchas or cargo ferries depart for Vieques. Ceiba’s airport is 10 minutes south of Fajardo.

Take a Taxi to Fajardo or Ceiba from the International Airport

A taxi from San Juan International Airport to Fajardo will cost $85. The maximum of people in a taxi is 5 in a car and 7 in a van, the first 5 are included on the $85 fee, any extra passengers pay $10 each. In addition, the first 3 pieces of luggage pay $0.50 each, any additional pays $1.00 each. When you get to the airport at San Juan, check with Ground Transportation Dispatchers and get the actual fee in a receipt. The taxis at the airport and the tourist zones in San Juan are called Taxis Turisticos and their rates are fixed when traveling to/from the International Airport or the Piers in Old San Juan. Anywhere else the rates are metered. For more information check with Jose J. Santana at . Prices are subject to change.

Take a taxi from San Juan area hotels

Luquillo Taxi and Tours

Licensed by the Commission of Public Service and also licensed by the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico. They own 4 Taxis that can accommodate all size groups.




Island Breeze Tours
Affordable, safe and on time ground transportation to and from Luis Munoz Marin International airport throughout San Juan, Rio Grande, Fajardo and Humacao.
Island Breeze Tours is licensed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. They manage transportation for small, medium as well as the individual traveler, providing Sedan, SUV’s and Private Van Service throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Call 787 370-8841.


Mary and Angel Ground Transportation service 787 223-6200.


Travel with Padin SJ-Fajardo 787 355-6746.


Rent a one way car

Most companies will pick you up at the San Juan International airport, you drive to their Fajardo or Ceiba branch, then they take you to the airport or port. Or you can do this in reverse. Some seasoned travelers recommend flying to Vieques and on the way back driving and stopping at El Yunque, the only tropical forest in the U.S. National Forest System

Leaseway will rent you a one way car for $35 to $70 (minivan) in high season or $26 to $60 in low season, plus insurance $10-$12, and a drop charge of $25.  Phone 1-800-468-2647, in San Juan at (787) 791-5900, in Fajardo at (787) 860-5000 or email them at The Fajardo branch does not open on Sundays.

L&M has branches in Fajardo and San Juan, and operates 7 days a week and have great service. Fajardo 787 860-6868.

World Car Rental operates in the Fajardo and Ceiba area only. (787) 863-9696 or 860-4808, fax 860-9001. They have an office at the Fajardo harbor. Very convenient. Rates are $40-50 per day for an economy car. Prices depend on the model year.

Avis has a branch next to the Ceiba airport. Call 787 885-0505 or 787 605-0166.

How to get to the  Ceiba airport. PDF format


Use the public car system- Cheapest

The public transportation system most used in Puerto Rico is locally called “carros publicos” (public cars). These are vans that can carry about 12-15 passengers and are set on specific routes. The whole trip from the International Airport to Fajardo including a taxi from the airport to the Rio Piedras station will cost about $20 for the taxi and then $6 per person. It takes much longer but if you are in a tight budget this is an option. You have to start in the morning any day except Sunday. Give yourself at least 4 hours to make sure you get to Fajardo on time. First, take a taxi from the airport to the town of Rio Piedras (about $20), ask the driver to take you to the Rio Piedras central public car station and to leave you at the station for the cars going to Fajardo “playa” (beach). These cars will take you directly to the Fajardo ferry boats or to the Fajardo airport. If the Fajardo playa cars are already gone (they leave the terminal about 1 pm), you can still take the cars on the regular Fajardo downtown public car station route. Unless the driver agrees to take you all the way to the airport or port (they are not supposed to do it) you will end at the Fajardo station where you will take another public car to the airport or ferry. The whole trip in public car from Rio Piedras to Fajardo costs about $6 per person.


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