Community group “Caballos De Vieques”



The horses of Vieques are the Island’s treasure, creating a uniqueness not commonly found elsewhere. 

Caballos de Vieques Inc. (CDV) Facebook Page, with thousands of members of the Viequense and Puerto Rican horse communities, offers a line of communication and a place to come together. The Page also documents the horse population and culture through photographs of horses and herds in all barrios while sharing the unique beauty of Vieques.



CDV wishes to promote the safety and well-being of both riders and horses through the use of reflectors for visibility at night & bumper stickers  “SLOW! Horses on the road! / DESPACIO!”Caballos en la carretera! (in the absence of any street signs) to raise awareness of roaming horses for both visitors and locals. 

Since 2013, Caballos De Vieques Inc. has donated: Thousands of lbs of grain, Dewormer paste, Bronco tick spray & gel, Homemade natural tick/fly spray, Colostrum milk replacer, Vitamin supplements, Electrolytes, Calming paste, Colic ease paste, Pain medicine, 3 equine medical kits, Joint care supplements, Joint care liniment, Wound care ointments, Eye wash, Antibiotics & syringes, Tetanus shots, Bandages, Fly masks, Protective hoof & leg boots, Reflective  bands, Halters, Clip-on lead ropes, Hoof care tools, Horseshoes, Hoof care medicine,Curry combs, Sweat scrapers, Feeding & water buckets, Saddle pads, & Bumper stickers.




Caballos de Vieques is now in the process of achieving federal non-profit status with the IRS and has formally registered as a domestic non-profit in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as a charitable organization devoted to horse care and education.

The goal of the group is to provide preventative health care, education, and the tools needed for responsible horse ownership to the citizens of Vieques.

As such, we are now accepting donations. Any help you can provide in the form of cash or in kind donations will help us reach our goal of a healthy, well cared for horse population which is such a vital part of the cultural heritage of our island.

Donations may be made through PayPal at


send to:
Caballos de Vieques, Inc.
PO Box 1049
Vieques, PR 00765

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