Punta Arenas, Vieques

Punta Arenas, Vieques

You will not see a collection of beautiful and abundant beaches anywhere like you will see in Vieques Island.  The best part is that they are not usually crowded. Most Vieques beaches are opened to the public all year round except for road maintenance and such. Some beaches are off-limits because they are in the process of being cleaned of contaminations and unexploded ordnance after the Navy left. These Isla de Vieques beaches are clearly marked and access is restricted by land and sea.
TicatoveTICATOVE , a Vieques non for profit community group that protects the sea turtles, has now a visitor center & gift shop on the way to the beaches on the east side. Come visit Ticatove, besides the green house inside the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. Get educated about sea turtles and spend a couple of bucks to help the local environment.



Ensenada Honda by

Ensenada Honda Huge bay, used to protect boats from hurricanes. It has a couple of snorkeling spots at the entrance to the bay. Great for fishing.

Tres Palmitas

Tres Palmitas

Playita at Puerto Ferro Bay
Nice, secluded beach next to the Tres Palmitas boat ramp at the Puerto Ferro Bay. Great snorkeling from here to the entrance of the Bay.

BahiaTaponDec62012 038

Bahia Tapon

Bahía Tapón This bay is not  accessible by boat. The entrance to the bay is very shallow. There is a nice reef right at the entrance. You can access it on a dirt road that starts from the road leading to Caracas Beach, right at the intersection with the Tres Palmitas road. You could also get there by kayak from Caracas.



The following three beaches are reachable only by entering the only Balneario (public beach with facilities) in Vieques.  They are opened to the public at all times.


SunBayMLNavio 022

Bun Bay Beach, Vieques

Balneario Sun Bay
Sun Bay Beach has been awarded Blue Flag status for the first time in December 2012.The most spectacular bay you will ever see. Great for swimming. It has facilities and a campground. Call (787) 741-8198 for campground info. Sun Bay Beach is one of the widest bays in Vieques, a pleasure to walk, and is close to Esperanza’s restaurants.


SunBayMLNavio 040

Media Luna Beach, Vieques

Media Luna Beach
Shallow Bay, you can walk over 40 feet into the Bay with the water at your waist. Very popular with families with small kids.
SunBayMLNavio 046

Navio Beach, Vieques

Small Vieques beach with a strong surf. It is secluded. You have to get to Media Luna beach first, and from there to Navio beach.



Esperanza, Vieques

Esperanza, Vieques

Esperanza Beach
Great swimming. Good snorkeling around the keys and to the west side of the beach. Several restaurants along the beach. Hiking trail to key connected to the beach by a narrow sand path.


Playa Gallito, Vieques

Gallito Beach
Located in the north coastline of Vieques, close to the airport. Popular spot among local surfers when the waves come.
La Chata Beach
La Chata Beach
This is the local surfers favorite beach.
PlayaNegra 019
Playa Negra
Located next to Gallery Galleon, following a dry stream until it gets to the beach. The sand is mostly black.



The west-end Navy base was used for storage of ordnance. The lands were returned to the government of Puerto Rico in April 2001. Some of the beaches are now opened to the public 24 hours but the ones inside the reserve are closed at dusk.


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Rompeolas, Vieques

Rompeolas/Puerto Mosquito/Breakwater
Over a mile-long jetty and pier. The pier at the end of the jetty has become a popular spot for divers and advanced snorkelers. The area goes to about 40 feet deep. The columns that support the pier are home to coral and sponges that the sea turtles feed on.  Great night fishing spot.  The beach on the west side of the jetty is very calm and clear. Great spot for novice divers or snorkelers along the whole jetty. Starting point for Ababor Sailing tours, classes and rentals.



2015-09-10 07.23.56

Punta Arenas, Vieques

Punta Arenas
A favorite spot among boaters from Puerto Rico. Great swimming. Several picnic gazebos available. There are several beaches here extending along the whole west side of the Island. This area is a Reserve. Not opened at night. If you are traveling by car, plan to leave before 4 pm when the mosquitos and no-see-ums come out and/or bring plenty of repellent. They don’t seem to venture into the water to bug the boaters.


Playa Grande
Playa Grande
Located on the south side of the old west Navy base. Now open to the public 24 hours. The surf is too strong for swimming here. It is a great sightseeing location because the road takes you close to the beach along the whole south side of the Island. Good for fishing.



Fish & Wild Life have been helpful by posting signs with the original beach names. Please, learn the new names as we are trying to preserve them.




La Chiva
A long bay that holds several beaches. There is a key here easy to get to by kayak or snorkeling. There are some gazebos. CAUTION. The key off Bahia La Chiva and the adyacent waters have been marked off-limit due to munitions found in land and in water. You are warned to say away from it until further notice. For more information check Vieques Blog




Picture by Luis Jimenez

Fish & Wildlife built several gazebos along the beach and keeps the area very clean and tidy. This is a favorite spot among locals and tourists so get here early to get your gazebo for the day. It is easier to reach than Bahía La Chiva.
Isla de Vieques beaches
Pata Prieta
Secluded bay with mostly soft surf and good snorkeling on the corners. Located between Playa Caracas and La Chiva.
Isla de Vieques beaches
Large straight beach located before Playa Caracas.
La Plata
Beautiful bay, great swimming and exploring beach. It is the last accessible beach on the Fish & Wildlife Reserve. Located after La Chiva.

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